Gramado – Brazil

Gramado is a city that awakens all the senses! The smell of chocolate and fondue is everywhere, inviting gastronomic experiences in cafes, restaurants, and chocolate factories along the streets, especially in winter (June to September), when the thermometers reach 0°C. The Bavarian-inspired and timber framed architecture will delight your eyes with the romanticism of the facades. The gardens of hydrangeas and the beautiful nature of the the town also enchant visitors. The songs, of traditional German, Italian, and gaúcho origin and the accents make you enter the atmosphere of a very Brazilian Europe. The spas and the various hotels of the city complement the experience offering so much comfort and relaxation at the top of the Serra Gaúcha.

Gramado and Canela (7 km away) are part of the Romantic Route, where the cold weather and tours in parks and museums ensure fun for both children and adults alike. In Gramado, you can visit the Museu do Chocolate, which tells the story of the bitter sweet delicacy and gives access to the craft production area, and to Minimundo, a leisure park with miniature constructions, and Snowland, the first indoor snow park of America. You should also visit the churches, such as the Relógio Church, often seen on the postcards of the city.

Some tours in Gramado are traditional, such as the visit to the Lago Negro (the Black Lake). The attraction there is to explore the lake with the fun pedalos. You can also visit the Lago Joaquina Rita Bier, surrounded by Brazilian araucarias, hotels, and summer houses. Agritourism trails are in high demand for tasting wines and sparkling wines of the region, and for contact with communities descended from German and Italian immigrant families. The city is also home to major events. In August, the Film Festival brings together celebrities from the Brazilian cinema scene. Natal Luz, on the other hand, presents more than 500 attractions from November to January. There are also Advertising, Tourism, and other kinds of festivals.People that go to Gramado fall in love with the city and surely leave wishing to visit it again!


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